Blade Shape


The Rydal is a small beavertail paddle. The blade measures 17.5cm wide and 52cm long. This is a smaller version of the Thirlmere, ideal for someone who wants a slight less powerful paddle.

The Thirlmere is a large beaver tail paddle. Measuring 20cm wide and 60cm long it’s a bit bigger than the Rydal. Having one of these is great to complement a deep water paddle for use when you encounter shallow water.

The Derwent is a traditional otter-tail at 15cm wide and 65cm long.

The Ullswater is a medium sized otter-tail, a great deep water paddle at 16.5cm wide and 66cm long it’s more traditional in size and shape. This paddle produces huge power and has been added after many requests for this type of paddle.

The Ennerdale is my version of a large beaver tail and at 16cm wide and 75cm long is extremely powerful. Originally designed for a friend of mine, Lizzie, to be tall with a big hand grip and slightly less flexible


The Windermere is a Algonquin square tapering deep water paddle with a square shape and narrow bottom getting wider higher up which makes for gentle loading of the power, it’s approximately 14cm at its widest and 75cm long. I absolutely love paddling and this paddle makes life on the water so sweet especially if you opt for the northwoods style grip.

The Buttermere is a very long flexible otter-tail deep water paddle it’s only 9cm wide and 83 cm long. It glides through the water producing a remarkable amount of power.

The Leven is a short powerful white water paddle. When developing this paddle we wanted one with power and durability for use on grade 3 & 4 water, but short enough for our British rivers. Specs are 22.5cm wide and 45cm long, the blade is also glass reinforced and has a flexible resin tip and a curved T grip.

The Coniston is a candain style/freestyle paddle. The blade measures 14cm wide and 69cm long, it has been designed with input from several coaches. It has a ridge running from the shaft to nearly the tip of the blade and is shaped to slice through the water, with its unique grip adding to the style and feel.

The Grasmere is a great paddle for lakes and quiet water measuring 13cm wide and is 71cm long. It’s based on the 1920’s Racine Boat Company paddle that was given free with their wood and canvas canoes. with its long thin blade which flexes from two thirds of the way down the blade makes for a amazing Canadian style paddle which moves through the water quietly.

The Littlewater (child’s paddle) is a smaller version of the derwent 13cm wide and 60cm long and a small pear grip is ideal for the smaller paddlers.


Union Jack Paddle – as per Thirlmere

The SUP paddle is a straight bladed paddle with a round northwoods type grip, it measure 21.5cm wide and 49cm long. It produces lots of power and a great feel through the shaft.

The Mint is my OC spec boating paddle. It has a driving face which is angled and shaped to capture the water and produce power and strength. The blade measures 20cm wide and 51cm long. This paddle comes with a curved T grip, rock guard tip and glass face to the driving side, the back of the blade is shaped to give massive strength to support the blade.